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Her light faded too soon . . .

Happily Married When Charlotte was 21 years old, she gave up her blossoming career in Country and Western music to become a housewife. She had met and fell in love with a military gentleman by the name of Herbert "Sonny" Fields, and soon Charlotte Harden was known as Mrs. Charlotte Fields. The last 3 years of her life Charlotte worked as a program director in Jonesboro at KAIT-TV, then when she and Sonny moved to Ohio (her last place of residence) she worked as a 'Continuity Director' at WLWD T.V. in Dayton, Ohio. She worked at KNBY radio as a secretary and announcer, and her last job was with WGIC-WBZI FM and AM radio stations in Xenia, Ohio as the office manager.

Singingly Yours At age 24, Charlotte had already performed at Madison Square Garden & the Grand Ole Opry, been a feature vocalist on the Kenny Rogers Country Music Program, opened for Johnny Cash at Olympia Stadium, and had a fan club with Mama Mabel of the Carter Family as one of the 'Honorary' Members.

At the time of her death, Charlotte had recorded and released the following songs:

To Mom with Love

Charlotte passed away December 9th, 1968. Charlotte died in Columbus, Ohio where her husband was stationed at the time but her final resting place is in Grubbs, Arkansas. By the time she passed away, she had accomplished more than most people do in an entire lifetime.

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To those who keep her memory alive, as Charlotte would say: "Thank you so much to all of my fans. As always, Singingly Yours."

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